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Introduction to painting with Hibiscus, Saffron and Safflower


We will use Saffron, Hibiscus tea, Safflower, and logwood for this workshop and learn how to extract colors, create our own swatch color pallet and enjoy painting on paper or canvas.

This is a level 1 workshop and no need to have any artistic background.


Coming soon

May 2020

Information posted soon

This is a prefect start for the beginners or any natural color artist to learn how to create inks from above spices, flowers, plants, and how to paint with them. Through 22 videos, and resources you will learn step by step how to do it at your pace.

The difference and advantage of this course compare to other ones is that, it doesn't just teach how to create your inks, it goes further and shows techniques of painting with them.

Please note this course is not for fabric dying and designed for fine art painting.


You will find homework created based on the lessons which will help you practice the course better.


Each month we will have a Zoom follow up session to answer questions, view artworks and exchange ideas. Dates and times of the monthly follow up sessions will be emailed to you each month.



By joining the Facebook group page of this site  you can communicate and exchange ideas with other members as well.​


A "Starter Kit" will be mailed after sign up.  It has all items you need for this course (no additional cost). Mailing will be free within USA.  For international mailing will be additional cost of $10. 

You can find the list of the items of the Starter Kit here.

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