Tea, Saffron, Turmeric and Talismans 

 In Tea, Saffron, Talismans series, I use Saffron and tea as my medium. Inspired by the ancient Persian miniature and Islamic Manuscripts and Illumination, the use of Saffron was considered a sacred and protective color. For me, Saffron has a deep connection to the meaning of home, with its aroma, taste, and color that I experienced in my childhood.

My immigrant trajectory is a journey from a geographic home to an imaginary homeland as I am continually searching for the apparent symbol(s) to extend my "routed" root.


Inspired by the miniatures, rugs, old talismans, and Islamic illuminations, I include modern codes and images such as binary codes, or images from memory, mythical, and historical pectoral pool, and our day to day images seen in our modern life. These codes and marks are the talisman of our new life, the binaries of home, and abroad, the past and the present, dark and life forces, and the imagined with the real.

© 2019 by Saya Behnam

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