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My work's goal is to show nature's unity, wholeness, and interconnectivity. In my work you will find the concept of birth and death, cycles of life (with round canvases or shapes as metaphor for unity and nature’s cycles), and patterns found in nature for energy, growth, chaos, and order. I use the sacred geometry patterns and fractal and biomorphic shapes found in natural elements—from the cosmos and nebulas to small flowers. 


Images from my Persian background, such as the stylized patterns in Persian carpets, mythology figures, and fables, influence many of my pieces. 


I combine free-flow brushstrokes with these patterns. This can be considered a dance from nature and an interconnecting element in any organic and unified system, such as roots, branches, nervous systems, nebulas, and more. 


My hand-made colors and inks from earth minerals, fresh or dried flowers, plants, spices, plants, earth stones, and other pigments aren't just my mediums and colors; they are foundational to the places and times I gathered them, and they, therefore, represent time and space.




My hand-made colors and inks come from earth minerals, fresh or dried flowers, plants, spices, earth stones, and other pigments. (I have a small dye garden from which some of them originate). These are an essential aspect of my creative process; they aren't just mediums but are inherent to places and time. Furthermore, they produce different colors in response to weather, soil, and location. Since they are specific to the moment, time, and environment in which they were created, they are unique and can never be replicated. They become singular visual aesthetic records that specify geography and time.


I follow the old masters and indigenous artists' recipes to create archivable colors. I have also developed a system of preservation by layering mineral and botanical inks in a unique way, which makes new shades and increases conservation. To achieve confidence in their durability, I cover them with UV protection materials, UV museum glass, and cold wax if needed.


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