My art practice encompasses the juxtaposition of the old and new, time and space, traditional and modern, of home and abroad. By creating my own colors and inks from fresh, dried flowers, spices, plants, earth stones and pigments —the medium intelligence, an important aspect of my creative process—they aren’t just mediums, those are parts of places. Furthermore, like any other living thing, flowers produce different colors as a response to different weather, soil, and location.  Since they are specific to the moment, time and environment they were created, each is unique and can never be replicated.  They become singular visual aesthetic records of that unique location and time.


There is an unknown and uncertainty factor present in each time I extract tones from the natural pigments and substances I have acquired.  I tend to select my colors from a specific location and allow these colors and locations to be the inspiration for the work I will then create.  


My practice creates a place where traditional Asian and Islamic Art merges with Western Abstract painting, my pieces are neither fully abstract nor figurative. Though I apply traditional mediums and processes, my concepts and techniques embody today's technology using modern patterns and marks. Furthermore, the designs take influence from the aesthetic elements of Persian rugs and mythology, miniatures, and calligraphy, Chiness Literati art. These elements are then contrasted with images and icons seen in daily modern life and from memory.


This contrast of the old and the new creates a completely new language representing my life experience, my concept of home and abroad, the imaginary and real, life and death forces, now and then.


© 2019 by Saya Behnam

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