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My art practice is inspired by nature, the juxtaposition of time and space, birth and death, and

sacred or fractal and biomorphic patterns observed in natural forms for the structures of growth,

energy, decay, chaos, and order.

By creating my handmade colors and inks from minerals, fresh or dried flowers, spices, plants,

earth stones, and other pigments —the medium intelligence, an essential aspect of my creative

process—they aren't just mediums; those are parts of places and time. Furthermore, they

produce different colors as a response to different weather, soil, and location. Since they are

specific to the moment, time, and environment they were created, each is unique and can never

be replicated.

They become singular visual aesthetic records of that unique location and time.

The free-flow brushstrokes. It can be considered as a dance from nature and connecting elements

in any organic system (like roots, branches, nervous system, and more). Streaks of gold leaf in

my work are a metaphor for purity, light, and sun.

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