Nature, the juxtaposition of time and space, birth and death, natural patterns, structures of growth, decay, chaos, and order I find in nature inspires my art practice. Creating my colors and inks from fresh, dried flowers, spices, plants, earth stones, and pigments —the medium intelligence, an essential aspect of my creative process—transforms them from just mediums to parts of places and time.


 Furthermore, like any other living thing, flowers produce different colors according to various weather, soil, and location. Each color created is unique and specific to the moment, time, and environment, making them nonreplicable. 


They become singular visual aesthetic records of that unique location and time.


Abstract calligraphy, influenced by various Asian languages, is embedded in my work. I consider them poems from nature. Other elements found in my pieces are sacred and fractal geometric patterns, intricate miniatures of ancient symbols and images, and intuitive lines and forms originated from trees, roots, or other natural sources. Additionally, they allude to Persian carpets and talismans, mythology, and even streaks of gold leaf as metaphors for purity, light, and sun.