© 2019 by Saya Behnam

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Working with materials that come directly from nature as my medium, has affected me deeply regarding my view about time, the concept of nostalgia, birth, death, fear and the laws of nature.

The strong power of nature in destroying, rebirthing, concealing, or revealing has a mysterious pattern. Looking at traces of what will be left behind is breathtaking.

While my medium is all from nature, my work is a visual translation of these patterns and laws.
I interpreted my cherishing of this through the freestyle of my brushstrokes as they flow over each other.  This then becomes my metaphor for growth and continuous birth.  Afterward, I either covered particular brushed passages with white or scratched and wiped colors in a rhythmic pattern, serving as my metaphor for the destruction that occurs in nature’s cycles of life.


It is not just my conscious mind, but also my entire body as well as senses that unify and participate in this evolving creation.  In some pieces, the influences from my Persian background are more apparent, such as my use of poetry or phrases written in Farsi; phrases such as “I live now”, or “ I am here”.  


The full range of these colors only come through delicate processes where they are extracted from dried or fresh petals, plants, spices, minerals, and stones.   I try to use plants and flowers that are grown locally in my backyard or from DC Metropolitan local gardens (please click here for the process).

Like any other living thing, flowers produce different colors as a response to different weather, soil, and location.  Since they are specific to the moment, time and environment they were created, each is unique, and can never be replicated.  They become singular visual aesthetic records of that unique location and time.


There is an unknown and uncertainty factor that enters in each time I begin extracting tones from the natural pigments and substances I have acquired.  I tend to select my colors from a specific location and allow these colors and locations to be the inspiration for the work I will then create.  


NOTE: All of my pieces are covered with several layers of UV protections coats to protect colors from sunlight, dust, and damage.