Hibiscus Tea and Saffron, Safflower workshop list

Custom kit for startup:

The package is designed for the first time participates of "Tea, Saffron and beyond" workshop. If who don't want to spend a lot on purchasing the bulk items, this starter kit of the dried flowers and spices, and modifiers, binders are provided in small amounts for the workshop practice.


Participant can start and practice couple times with this material and don't need to buy in large quantities of dried flowers and spices (specially expensive Saffron),.

Items in the package:

Small package of Saffron (0.6 gr), Small package of Safflower (5 gr) , Small package of Hibiscus (6 gr), , Small package of Gum Arabic Powder (3 gr), Copper Sulfate crystal (3 gr) , Sugar Cubes (4 single cubes). Baking Soda (2 gr)

                                                                                                                               $ 18 .00   

 - Mortar and Pestle  (link to buy)

- Dried Hibiscus flower tea (link to buy)

- Dried Safflower (link to buy)

- Saffron (link to buy)

- Sugar cubes

- Lemon juice

- Baking Soda

- Cupper sulfate (link)

- Coffee filters

- Paper clips or small clips

- Water color paper (150 lbs or higher) (link)

- Three water color or Chinese brushes (link)

- Three to four glasses 

- Bowels for cleaning brushes

- Gum Arabic (link)

- Hot water

- Blow drier

- Measuring spoons, and tissues

List of all items for the workshop:

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