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Painting on Leaves


We will use Saffron, Hibiscus tea, Safflower, and logwood for this workshop and learn how to extract colors, create our own swatch color pallet and enjoy painting on paper or canvas.

This is a level 1 workshop and no need to have any artistic background.


Coming soon

May 2020

Information posted soon

Through 14 videos, resources, and guides you will learn how to:

Forage, clean, create primers, make natural glues, creating inks and different techniques of painting on leaves. 

No artistic background is needed.

This course doesn't just teach you how to prepare inks and leaves, it goes further and shows techniques of painting and how to connect the concept of natural patterns as your guide for your art.


You will find homework created based on the lessons which will help you practice the course better.


Each month we will have a Zoom follow up session to answer questions, view art works and exchanging ideas. Dates and times of the monthly follow up sessions will be emailed to you each month.



By joining the Facebook group page of this site you can communicate and exchange ideas with other members as well.​


In the introduction lesson you will find links for materials and how to get them. Items needed are as follow:

Foraged Leaves, Gold Mica powder, Black Ink, Gum Arabic, Tragacanth Gum, Rice Flour, Glycerine, Water color brushes and paper, Essential Oil, Methyl Cellulose (optional).




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