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Make your first ink

A warm-up to release your creativity and connect to

the environment around you

This is a simple practice to help you get out, search around and connect with your environment better. Making a simple ink from your foraging is a soothing, and creative activity helps you bond with your creative self better. 

Items needed; Fresh green leaves, rubbing alcohol, iodized salt, soda ash (or baking soda, see below), alum (same as using for cooking),  heat, water, glass jar, filter (coffee filter, cheese cloth or any cloth filter), spoon, watercolor paper, watercolor brush

The Chlorophyll in green leaves creates different shades and you may get different results with different trees.


Rubbing alcohol and salt help Chlorophyll extracts better


You can make Soda Ash from Baking:

SodaSoda ash can be made by heating baking soda or sodium bicarbonate in an oven at 200 F for about an hour. The carbon dioxide and water will evaporate, leaving dry sodium carbonate, which is soda ash.

To paint on the paper or canvas you need a binder such as Gum Arabic.

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